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Committed to Excellence

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We are a highly goal-oriented program here at Bellis. While we cherish the motto of "treat winning and losing just the same," our primary focus remains on the continual progress of both horse and rider. We seek motivated and dedicated clients who prioritize competing at a high level with professionalism and determination.



We are always finding ways to improve. Our training program is built with our horses' wellbeing in mind, from turning out in large pastures to trail work. We develop top exercises and individualized lessons for our clients at home, facilitating corresponding success in the show ring. Our philosophy is to let horses be horses.  Further, .....



Bellis Ltd. is conveniently located in Maple Park, just minutes from I90, I88 and the Elburn train station.

  • A grand total of 32, 12x12 box stalls

  • 8 groom/wash stalls each with built-in horse vacuums

  • 3 main arenas including an indoor and outdoor sand arena

  • Grass jumping and derby field

  • Turnout includes 5 large grass fields, two medium grass fields, and 6.....

Our Team


Our commitment to competing at a top level is met with a hard-working, professional team. Steve and Becca, the professionals at Bellis, bring years of experience to their training of both horses and riders. Caelinn continues to further her riding career while helping manage operations at Bellis.

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