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  • A grand total of 32 properly matted 12' x 12' stalls with long, open windows, providing adequate air flow and a view for each horse

  • 8 groom/wash stalls each with built-in horse vacuums

  • Recently renovated air conditioned tack room with laundry room and restroom

  • Viewing area/lounge which includes a kitchenette, full bathroom, and WiFi



  • 5 large grass fields used primarily for group turn out

  • 2 medium grass fields used for both group and individual turn out

  • 6 limestone paddocks

  • Two run-in sheds for overnight turn out 



  • Indoor arena in the center of the barn with new footing, 100' wide and 160' long

  • Outdoor sand arena 200' x 200'

  • Grass derby field 300' x 300' with open water jump, small "roller-coaster" hills for conditioning, and large hill for strength training

wash rack.jpg


  • Treadmill for conditioning and rehab

  • Class II laser therapy

  • Magna-wave PEMF therapy

  • Hard-packed dirt road used for concussive conditioning work

  • 1.46 mi of trail around Bellis property used for trail riding and conditioning

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