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Bellis Equine Therapy

Bellis is now excited to offer premier equine rehabilitation therapy services. Our tailored rehab regimen offers a diverse range of services and equipment to ensure effective recovery. With our top-tier facility, we're committed to delivering successful outcomes for our clients.



​With our diverse array of services, equipment, and surfaces, we ensure a holistic approach to equine rehabilitation therapy, including:

- Longline sessions
- Hand walking
- Ride walking
- Varied surface exercises, including indoor synthetic footing, outdoor sand footing, gravel, compact limestone road, grass field, and grass exercise hill
- All-level flatting exercises
- Lunging sessions

Tailored Turnout Options: 

- We offer large grass pastures for horses requiring downtime at the beginning of their rehabilitation journey

- Various pasture sizes cater to the specific needs of horses at different rehab stages

- Options include small sand paddocks and both small and large grass pastures

- Personalized turnout groups available, including solo, buddy, and group options



At Bellis, our equine rehabilitation therapy programs are equipped with cutting-edge technology and treatments including:

- Treadmill

- Equivibe 
- Solarium 
- SpectraVet Class 3B Laser 
- Euchronia Class 2 Red/Violet Laser 
- Red Light Cap therapy
- PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy
- Bodywork sessions
- Chiropractic care
- Icing 

- Whirlpool Ice Boots
- Wrapping 

- Etc..



- Ongoing consultations with veterinarians, farriers, and trainers for progress monitoring and maintaining effective strategies and techniques.
- Boutique-style approach for meticulous attention to detail and personalized care.

- Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services:

  •  We provide a full spectrum of services, including surgical rehabilitation, wound care, and strengthening/conditioning programs.

  •  Our offerings encompass a variety of injury rehabilitation approaches tailored to meet individual needs.

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